Natural swimming pools

Natural Swimming pools. The ecological solution to chemically treated swimming pools.

Natural swimming pools

Natural swimming pools

Natural swimming pools allow you to have all the benefits of a swimming pool. Without the need for harsh chemicals.

The chemicals in a swimming pool have been attributed to skin conditions. Such as, Eczema and premature ageing. Reports have suggested that swimming in natural water courses can  greatly improve the condition of your skin.

Natural swimming pools also add character to a garden with the looks of a pond. They have ecological and natural benefits and a healthy swimming area. Natural swimming pools create a family friendly fun area that can be used for exercise and enjoyment.

Swimming ponds and natural swimming pools can be built to nearly any specification. There is one fundamental format that remains the same.

The swimming pond is divided into two sections. The swimming area and the natural filtration area (also known as the regeneration zone).  Specially selected plants are planted into the natural filtration area in different levels/zones. This create’s the perfect natural balance of plants to water ratio.

Aquajoy water gardens ltd cover Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex and London. For natural swimming pools if you are outside of these areas please call as we may be able to help.

All of Aquajoy’s range of swimming ponds and natural swimming pools are built to your own specifications. From bespoke designs. Our natural swimming pool estimator and our designer will conduct a site visit to discuss your requirements and create a design based around what you have envisioned.

Aquajoy Offer other services such as pond, water feature and lake maintenance and construction. Please have a look at our pond website for more information.

If you would like to see some examples of our ponds please visit our show site in Ashtead surrey. For details please have a look at our show site website.