exercise pool

Exercise pool,

Not all natural swimming pools are massive expanses they can also be built as exercise pools where a current is created in a small pool which the swimmer swims against meaning the pool can be smaller.



Natural swimming pools are ecologically sound and are chemical free.  They promote healthy living and family fun.  The swimming pool regeneration zone uses plants as a living biological filter.  The careful selection of plants in a swimming pond is essential to the swimming ponds natural balance.


exercise pool


Bespoke designs 

Aquajoy water gardens ltd cover Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex and London, for natural swimming pools and exercise pools  if you are outside of these areas please call as we may be able to help.

All of Aquajoy’s range of  natural swimming pools are built to your own specifications from bespoke designs. Our natural swimming pool estimator and our designer will conduct a site visit to discuss your requirements and create a design based around what you have envisioned.



Natural swimming pools  and exercise pools although not a completely new idea as we have been swimming in lakes and large ponds for centuries have been reinvented in the last 30 years beginning in Europe with natural swimming pools being traced to the early eighties.

The idea is becoming more and more popular in the UK and has seen a real increased since it was first featured at the 2001 Hampton court flower show. They are a clean swimming experience that feels natural.

Please call us to discuss your requirements